Portable Privacy Wall

A Portable Privacy Wall in decorative Aluminum, creates private spaces for your family in your backyard/ garden, on your deck, or even inside your home. They can be moved to any location you may be looking for and can also be used as Decorative Room Dividers. 

You chose the pattern, color and size either online or with our Home Décor Design Expert. 

Our Home décor pieces are inspired by the beauty of the Arabic Geometric Shapes (Mashrabiya) and are all custom designed by you. Our products have timeless elegance, exceptional craftsmanship, sustainability and are ONE OF A KIND.

Book a Consultation with our Home Décor / Interior Design Expert to step you thru the custom design process (Provide link)

At ABIYA, the designers take a holistic approach in the design and development of home décor that enables every customer to coordinate design, looks, and colors that always match.

OR you can do it yourself with our ‘Solid Shape Configurator’:

Step # 1: Chose the Mashrabiya Pattern that suits your needs

Step # 2: Chose your color

Step # 3: Chose your Base Shape 

Step # 4: Chose your Top Cover

Step # 5: Chose your Bottom Cover

Step # 6: Chose your Border 

Step # 7: Chose your Density: How thick do you want the Aluminum? 

Step # 8: Chose your Quantity & then Order

Delivery up to 14 days from Order. Designed & Manufactured in Dubai, UAE. Installation Instructions will be provided (if needed)