Will Custom Manufactured Home Decor Make Me Spend Out of My Budget?

Custom manufactured home decors are made exclusively to meet customer’s requirements and specifications. It allows you to find precisely the home decor you need by having the freedom to choose the size, color finishes, and other specifications.

It also makes your home more attractive and appealing. Your engagement in the design gives you happiness and value. Quite impressive! Yet if you want your home to have custom manufactured decor, chances are you have more questions than answers. Will custom manufactured home decor make me spend out of my budget? Can I afford it? Or will I just settle for standardized or mass-produced home decors sold at a lower price in the mall even if it has many duplicates?

We have the answers!

Dining room featuring metal wall decor metal wall art in Mashrabiya / Geometric Pattern by ABIYA

Custom manufactured home decors are not budget-friendly: Fact or myth?

MYTH! The usual expectation is that custom manufactured home decors are “not budget-friendly” since they are designed specially according to our personal choice. There is an added cost due to the extra work done. Worst, we choose to delay our plan of redecorating our house because we focus on the price. The fact is, custom manufacturing may not cost you much at all compared to standardized and mass-produced home decors. Our misguided view makes us ignore the high value offered by the products that are customized to suit our needs.


Wall Decor by Abiya Mashrabiya-Custom Laser Cut Metal Decorative Panel

 ABIYA Installation. Product Design Name: Timeless Elegance


Standardized and mass-produced home decors are generic, inflexible, and lack uniqueness. Who would like to buy home decor that has a thousand duplicates? This choice makes your home design look cheap and lose its ability to stand out among others. Besides, is there a quality assurance?  Due to a relatively high volume of production in a small amount of time, these products lose their quality along the process. They may be available at a lower price, but what consequences do you have to pay? These cheap standardized and mass-produced home decors may cost one-third or half the price of the customized ones. However, after some months, it will rip off, and you will need to repurchase another one. How many times do you have to replace these cheap standardized or mass-produced home decors in a year? If you get the total amount you spent, you will be shocked that it costs more than the customized ones.


Why buying custom manufactured home decors is the best choice?

Custom manufactured home decor is much more flexible than buying ready-made from the store. Adding personally customized decors make your home look more beautiful and unique. However, most manufacturers may add a little price markup to the product due to additional work done in customization. But this small markup is sure worth the price you pay! Do not hesitate about paying extra. If you want to have the best home decor you desire, don't pay less because you will still end up paying twice the price. Instead, choose the custom manufactured products and get the customization of your choice. You pay only once, but you surely get lifetime satisfaction. Plus, customized home decors will last for many years, especially if you have them done by an expert custom manufacturer. You can save much money and get a decent product at the same time. Don’t count on low-priced standardized or mass-produced decors lasting just for some months. It is a terrible way to spend your hard-earned money. To sum this all up, choosing custom manufactured home decors is not expensive at all. It is precisely a more practical and economical choice. 


Where can I find the finest custom manufactured home decor if I have a limited budget?

When choosing custom manufactured home decor, Abiya Mashrabiya is the best option! We offer outstanding service to our customers, which is why large companies and popular among households trust us. Among all other manufacturers worldwide specialized in Middle Eastern culture designs, we are known to have custom manufactured home decors that are exclusive, unique, and fit customer's needs while striving to maintain the Islamic design tradition. 


ABIYA, manufacturer of bespoke decorative panels for indoor and outdoor spaces



We use only the most sophisticated equipment and the finest materials for your customization needs. Aside from high-quality assurance, we offer world-class custom manufactured home decors to our customers at an affordable price. Our mission is to help you have a home that will enable you to feel that you have customized your home design instead of purchasing a stock product that does not have the comfort and convenience you want. Our products include two years of warranty but expect ABIYA Mashrabiya to give you your customized home decor to last for many years. You get a high quality customized product at a lower price than you expected.

Therefore, choose wisely! Choose ABIYA custom manufactured home decors!


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