What to expect from Dubai-Designed Home Decor?

Expect Dubai-Designed Home Decor to be unique and impressive.

Dubai is regarded as the top design destination in the world. It catches the world’s attention with its iconic residential and commercial space designs.

ABIYA, manufacturer of bespoke decorative panels for indoor and outdoor spaces

The Dubai Skyline 


But not only that, if you love to adorn your interiors, Dubai-designed home decors should be on the top of your list. Expect Dubai-designed home decor to be unique and impressive. It has qualities that will give you pleasure and satisfaction. When we speak of Dubai-designed wall decors and room dividers, we immediately think of gold shades, metal artworks, and the blending of antique and modern themes. The Middle-Eastern countries are renowned for the love of their culture. They are exceptional when it comes to loyalty and preservation of their cultural design heritage.


Islamic Art Design

Art is the mirror of a culture and its values. Islamic art reveals the views of the Muslims regarding the spiritual realm and the universe. It does not focus on the physical qualities of the objects but rather on their spiritual representation. They believe that beauty is a quality of the Divine. Islamic art is quite different from Western art designs. It is non-figural because Muslims believe that the representation of the human form is idolatry. It is forbidden in the Qur’an and thereby a sin against God. One of the famous Islamic arts is arabesque. It symbolizes the indivisible, transcendent, and infinite nature of the one God. This unique art has been preserved since the middle ages. It is still used to beautify residential and commercial spaces not only by Islamic countries but by different denominations all over the world. 


ABIYA, manufacturer of bespoke decorative panels for indoor and outdoor spaces, Arabesque Designs

Example of an Arabesque Design


Arabesque constitutes the entire decoration or serves as a background of other motifs. It is characterized by geometrical, floral, or vegetal patterns. The simple patterns are repeated, combined, interlaced, and arranged to form intricate and complex combinations. Usually, geometrical shapes like circles, squares, and polygons are combined to form ubiquitous star patterns. This symbolizes infinite growth. Meanwhile, the vegetal patterns have no symbolic meaning. It is just a representation of plants. The floral pattern is also a famous arabesque design. Often, they are colorful and combined with other elements like calligraphy.

Meanwhile, the use of metal has always been a part of Islamic cultural designs, like bronze, copper, aluminum, etc. Amongst all these, aluminum is perfect for both indoors and outdoors. It is light-weight, elegant, and highly fashionable, durable, and long-lasting, and deflects solar radiation, thus decreasing heat absorption. The Dubai-designed home decoration uses different gold shades, not just classic colors, to increase the depth of its classic appearance. Shades such as yellow gold, white and gray gold, pink and red gold, green gold, black gold, blue gold, purple  gold,  and many others. You can find a one-stop-shop that has color finishes of gold that comes in different shades. 


ABIYA, manufacturer of bespoke decorative panels for indoor and outdoor spaces

 ABIYA Bespoke Decorative Panel. Room Divider Installation.


Where to find Dubai-design home decor that will exceed your expectations?

When it comes to interior design, your walls and spaces are important. Give life to these boring areas. There are loads of design ideas to choose from, but consider Dubai-inspired designs if you want them to look elegant and stylish. Beautifying your interiors can be as simple as browsing through the ABIYA website. You can find a wide variety of designs and color finishes for your wall decors and room dividers. If you find it difficult to figure out the design that suits your home, you can always count on Abiya to help you. Feel free to contact us. We have skilled professionals to assist you in planning your custom design. We will make the process easier for you.

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