Room Dividers: The Unspoken Marvel of Interior Designing

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Room dividers are one of the secrets of interior designers in laying out the overall design of a space. They're usually overlooked, but learn and use them and you may just have discovered the completing piece to your interiors. 

Aside from dividing a room into separate, distinct areas, room dividers have other uses. They provide privacy, add texture and color to an otherwise drab interior, reduce clutter, add extra storage, and even create green spaces indoors. They also come in different sizes, designs, and materials. You can buy them or DIY them.  Because of their versatility, they are highly-prized and are the go-to for interior designers.  

This article enumerates the uses of room dividers. Read on, and get to know more about one of the most brilliant inventions in the world of interior design. 

Room dividers as semi-wall partitions

There are many reasons why you should veer away from the idea of an actual wall in your open spaces. Walls are space-consuming and permanent. They limit the number of ideas that you can apply to your furniture arrangements because they are inflexible and immovable. Instead, use room dividers. Room dividers will create partitions without them looking like an imposing block of concrete. They will simply create a subtle sense of distinction between spaces without giving off the harsh look of real walls. 

Room dividers for privacy

An example of curtains used as room dividers providing privacy and a minimalist look

An example of curtains used as room dividers providing privacy and a minimalist look. Photo credits from Canva. 

Indoor privacy is as important as keeping your house’s privacy from outside. This can be achieved by simply attaching curtains on a rod suspended on the ceiling. The draperies will add a touch of elegance and division to your space. Plus, you’ll be free to close and open them whenever you like, so your private space will not only be luxurious, but also be flexible to your needs.

Room dividers as decorations

The history of room dividers dates back to the 4th century BC in China. Right from the start, they already were being used for decorative purposes by the Chinese nobles. Aside from using them as space dividers, the Chinese showcased them as centerpieces by heavily embossing them with ornate carvings. Now, it’s not just the highly-intricate ones you can see in the market. The simple shojis, frosted glass, and many other more have joined them too, but the usage of room dividers as decorative elements lives on. Antique folding screens can liven up empty corners and act as accent pieces because of their elaborate, eye-catching design. Rattan room dividers add a natural charm to spaces especially when left unstained, while those with vibrant colors can tie up the color scheme of a room. Other types of room dividers, such as floor-to-ceiling dividers, are good in drawing people’s eyes to them, serving as the centerpieces in a space.

Use room dividers as decorations like this asian style design

An example of room dividers mostly seen in Asian homes. Photo credits from Canva. 

Room dividers as extra storage

If you need to divide your space but want to save as much of it too, look no further. Room dividers in the form of bookshelves and cabinets act as space dividers with additional storage space. The extra compartments that come with cabinets, for example, will reduce the clutter in your house and bookshelves will allow you to display your book collection and create that library ambiance. They are perfect for small rooms because they serve three purposes: room dividers, storage, and display space.

Room dividers as portable, temporary partitions

Portable room dividers such as folding screens can be used to immediately hide clutter. They are handy to have around especially when you are the type to receive unexpected guests on a regular basis or if you are the type to regularly redesign your home. After all, they are easy to install, portable and versatile. And because of this, they are also seen being utilized in hotels and restaurants where there is a constant need for a change of floor plans to accommodate different occasions. Oftentimes, hotels and restaurants handle simultaneous events in their halls, so they create spaces in between their guests with portable room dividers. 

Room dividers to redirect foot traffic  

Sometimes, in homes, the constant movement of people can be uncomfortable and distracting for the occupants. The entryway may have been placed wrongly near their work and living spaces. Solve this problem by placing a room divider to redirect the foot traffic away from these spaces. Take this opportunity to use something artful like painted and wooden folding screens to create a beautiful display in walkways.

Room dividers to create indoor green spaces

Did you know that according to studies, green spaces can boost your productivity, reduce your stress and give you an overall better mental health, aside from massively reducing our carbon footprint resulting in fresher, cleaner air? It’s true. That’s why green spaces are essential in our work and living spaces. Create your own green space by using plants to divide your room instead of using non-living materials. A simple way of doing this is by attaching hanging plants on the ceiling. The vines will spill to create that sense division between the spaces. You can also achieve this by installing a trellis and placing a climbing plant below it. Feel free to be creative.  

Room dividers to create foyers

Use a room divider to create a foyer in your home like a Laser Cut Decorative Metal Screen by ABIYA

Foyers are designated entryways in houses. While not all houses have entryways, it helps to have them so that your door doesn’t open up directly to your living spaces. Ditch the idea of hiring a contractor to build a wall to make your foyer. Instead, use folding screens. There are many reasons for this one. First, they are easy to move around. You are free to adjust them according to your needs. Make more space in the entryway if you need to. Lessen to make more space in the other room. When switching houses or apartments, they also move with you. Second, they can be custom-made. The only rule in choosing the design is that you must love it. With folding screens, you can add a touch of your personality to your home. And lastly, folding screens are widely available in stores. You won’t have a hard time looking for one if you ever decide to transform your entryway into something that you will love. 

Room dividers to create coziness

Every home is divided into spaces that each serve a different purpose. One space that is much forgotten is the cozy corners we all love to relax in. Sometimes, the reason why we don’t have them is that they require a hidden, separate space from the rest of the house and we think we need to spend large sums of money to achieve that. It is easy to make them with room dividers. Choosing warm tones for your chosen divider creates that dreamy ambiance that makes your cozy corner the perfect place to retreat in.   

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