Decorating Around Mashrabiya: Complimenting the Elegance of Arabic-Inspired Interiors

Mashrabiya as a design endeavor is proven to benefit any type of space, interior or exterior. While these decorative panels are already solid stand-alone designs, your home can also do more with complimenting Arabic-inspired furniture or décor.

We hope you take the liberty (and this guide) to seek out the style that best suits your Mashrabiya and your entire personal space.

 Cozy reading nook home decor Inspiration with metal wall art by ABIYA

ABIYA Mashrabiya Decorative Wall Art


Establishing the basics

Design concepts rarely oppose each other if they are from the same source of inspiration. Like the variety of spaces that are already adorned with Mashrabiya, you can utilize any of the fundamentals in Arab-style living. 

The characteristics are as follows:

  • Persian rugs
  • Accent pillows
  • Prints, ornate or basic colors
  • Extravagant silk fabrics
  • Lamp shades
  • Distinct, intricately designed furniture


Arabic Design Inspiration

 Photo credits from Canva


Many modern Arab homes incorporate a balanced fusion of these basics and traditional or modernist trends. In ABIYA, we aim to make our decorative panels the main highlight of any space, or the perfect touch to a setup that needs more spice.

Our Mashrabiya panels also work with modern, eclectic tastes. Our aluminum, decorative panels are based on a pursuit of design that we aim to feature in as many UAE homes as we possibly can.

Arabic Interior Design featuring Mashrabiya Pattern Arabic Geometric Wall Panels Wall Art by ABIYA


Get yourself an ABIYA Mashrabiya masterpiece

How exciting is it to have an elegant piece of Mashrabiya in your home? Not just any decorative Mashrabiya piece too, but one you can fully customize. 

At ABIYA, you can do so much more with your Mashrabiya vision – our store lets you generate your own digital pattern and technical specifications. Our best-selling pieces are our decorative panels that are great as dividers, wall decors, or solid shapes of your own design.


Customized Decorative Panels for Homes and Gardens


This is your gateway to high-quality Arabic Architecture

Our work at ABIYA is grounded on heritage, respect to tradition, and passion for high-quality project delivery. Our decorative panels are hitting million-dollar sales and are popular among all types of homeowners in and around the UAE.

Working with us entails the following benefits:

1 – Competitive pricing. We facilitate projects of all types and aim to work well within the budget of the customer.

2 – Valuable, Mashrabiya specialty insight. Unsure if Mashrabiya works for your home? Schedule a call with us and we can help you make a thorough assessment.

3 – Support from start to finish. We are not a basic store you merely buy from. We treat each of our projects with integrity and with respect to the client’s vision. From discussing design brief to final installation, you can rely on us.

4 – Our manufacturing processes are in-house and are serviced by the finest in the UAE. All our processes are catered to by some of the finest engineers and specialists in the industry. We keep them all under one roof to ensure consistent communication with our clients.

5 – We have worked with established brands and labels. Simply saying, we are trustworthy. Our clients are diverse, our business never stagnant, and our growth ensured. 

Have a Mashrabiya design in mind? We would love to hear about it!
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