Why Choose ABIYA's Bespoke Decorative Screens for your Home Decor?


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We provide our clients with top-notched quality products, on-time delivery, and reasonable prices.  

Ever heard about customized wall screens and decors?

Sounds intriguing isn't it? However, it is amazingly possible! You do not need to stress too much about finding contractors who will offer you overwhelming information and proposals.

Look no further because ABIYA Mashrabiya is here to give you insights on how you can enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your home. We provide our clients with top-notch quality products, on-time delivery, and reasonable prices.


"There are three responses to a piece of design - yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for. " Anonymous

Benefits of Choosing Customized Wall Decor

Customized wall decor provides a plethora of benefits. Apart from the designs that can make your wall and other spaces beautiful, it can also give your home a new look and fresh vibes. The appearance of your entire home can be completely improved with the help of bespoke wall decors- with a high level of craftsmanship and sophistication. They are easy to install, offer hassle-free maintenance, cost-efficient, and come in different designs, colors, and patterns.

Apart from the perks you’d get from customization, most textured panels of today are in 3D which also provides enormous benefits. It can protect the foundation from moisture, mechanical damage and even burning out when exposed to too much sunlight. But what ultimately make 3D panels stand out is the unmatched appearance it could give to your room. It becomes more voluminous and impressive - something you can’t achieve from traditional wall panels.  

Customized Decorative Wall and Screen by Abiya 


Dining Room Wall Decor-Metal Decorative Laser Cut Screen & Panels-Modern Mashrabiya

Product Name:  Afternoon Sun, Color: Pearl Gold


Customize Wall Decor

Let your wall say it all with Abiya’s decorative wall screen! Add a more dramatic and aesthetic effect to your wall with our intricately-designed wall decor. Made from quality aluminum, this wall screen decor is available in different lovely patterns and colors. You can put it in as decor for your interiors, poolsides, and gardens. These are manufactured in Dubai and are now creating great waves in the trends of architecture and home decorating.

See more details of Abiya’s wall decor configurator here.


Customize your Room Divider / Wall Partition for your home

Room Dividers you often see on magazines or websites. With ABIYA, you can have your own customized design.  Photo from Pinterest

 Customize Room Divider

Make your interiors feel more cozy and gorgeous with Abiya’s customized room decor. This bespoke divider will give your interiors a new style and a more sophisticated style. It’s perfect for your kitchen, your living room, and even in the bedroom. These custom pieces can give a complete transformation to the feel of your home.

Abiya’s customize room divider is made from aluminum and comes with several pattern designs and colors. Home interiors will be exceptionally stunning with a piece of Abiya’s customized room divider.

Check the specifications of Abiya’s Room Divider Configurator here. 

Why Choose Abiya Mashrabiya?


Metal Decorative Laser Cut Screen & Panels-Modern Mashrabiya



It’s time to create your gorgeous bespoke decorative screens. And you can do it online! With just some clicks and searches using our configurators, you can create a design you’ll love for your home. You can check Abiya’s catalogue here. You’ll surely love our collection of customized wall decors for their style, designs, and quality.

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