What are Arabic Geometric Patterns? Why should you want them in your Home Décor?

At ABIYA our CNC Custom Metal Home Decor Line is inspired by the beauty of the Arabic Geometric Patterns of the Mashrabiya.

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But what exactly is Mashrabiya?

Simply, Mashrabiya is the prominent window that overlooks the street or the courtyard of traditional Arab houses. In the past Mashrabiya was the name given to space, which is enclosed with wooden lattice openings where jars of drinking water were put to cool. It was a practical architectural feature that for centuries offered effective protection against intense sunlight.

What is Mashrabiya? Definition of this architectural element that helps keep a space cool


However, nowadays this traditional Islamic window element with its characteristic latticework is used to cover entire buildings as an oriental ornament, providing local identity and a sun-shading device for cooling (in some cases). 

The Louvre Abu Dhabi and Its Mashrabiya Dome
The Louvre Abu Dhabi and Its Mashrabiya Dome

Note: For a more technical read (with photos) of what Mashrabiya is please visit our Main Websites Blog (Where we supply Large CNC Cut Aluminum Decorative Screens & Panels to Architects & Interior Designers in the UAE & Beyond) HERE.


What are Mashrabiya Patterns (Arabic Geometric Patterns)?

geometric pattern mashrabiya pattern


The patterns of Mashrabiya were composed of simple geometric shapes, and often ewer or calligraphy designs from the Quran, because of the prohibition in the religion of Islam of the portrayal of any living being. Additionally, there is a close relationship between geometry and Islamic art in general, on the one hand, and calligraphy on the other (Source).

Mashrabiya Pattern-The Maymoni as seen in a wooden latticed window with two small swinging sashes in Cairo, Egypt.

Mashrabiya Pattern-The Maymoni as seen in a wooden latticed window with two small swinging sashes in Cairo, Egypt.


Modern Mashrabiya Patterns today, do revisit the traditional styles but with a more 21st Century take. Here is an example of the styles we carry at ABIYA:

Geometric Patterns Modern Mashrabiya Patterns


As you can see the modern patterns of the Mashrabiya are simply stunning and would look good in any home. This is why we decided to take our large scale Mashrabiya Panels business and scale them down into various beautiful metal home décor pieces. Then instead of using wood which was the traditional element that was used for the Mashrabiya, we use CNC Cut Light Weight Aluminum for all our products. This means that they will last for many years in your home.

Custom Metal Home Decor Products in Geometric Patterns by ABIYA Mashrabiya

Why chose Abiya Mashrabiya Home Decor Products? Well simply, why not?

If you are looking to pay homage thru your home decor to our rich and beautiful Arabic culture or just looking for a gorgeous piece of one of kind home décor then ABIYA is for you!

All our products are custom designed to your specifications and have timeless elegance, exceptional craftsmanship, sustainability and are ONE OF A KIND.

We ship worldwide and when you order your product our corporate office and manufacturing plant is located in the gorgeous Emirate of Ras al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. It’s all in house, so we have complete control over every part of your order. Satisfaction guaranteed!



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