Step-by-step Guide: How to Order Custom-made Products Online

Being different is always fun.

Custom made products provide uniqueness and personalization in our products. 

Step-by-step Guide: How to Order Custom-made Products Online
Attracting customers by giving them more options to voice out their preferences is indeed a great innovation. This specific new feature was made feasible by advancement in software and design, especially in the world of interior design.


Product customization seems to be the key to uphold customer satisfaction. Let's face it; not everyone wants the same thing over and over again. Also, everyone has different wants and needs. You can't force your client to drink pure coffee if he wants some milk in it. Being different is always fun. People want a bit of uniqueness and personalization in products. 

Instead of just creating a quality product in general, product customization lets companies provide their customers with high-standard products and perfectly fitted ones.

Custom-made products are simply the items that are specifically produced for a particular customer.

Guide on How to Order Custom-made Products


ABIYA, manufacturer of bespoke decorative panels for indoor and outdoor spaces


Photo credits from Canva.

There are a couple of ways one should try to bear in mind when ordering custom-made products. The process seems to be easy, but it's also easy to mess up. Fortunately, we've prepared a list of what to check before buying that custom-made product you want.

  • Check Company Background

  • You should not jump right straight into customization. It would be best if you kept in mind that not every company offers quality products. Often, a company with more experience and a lot of traffic on their site is the move. Checking their website is a significant step to know if they've already cemented a good in the industry. You can also check online reviews of their products. This way, you can directly understand how they've dealt with past customers and how these people are feeling towards the company.

  • Be Specific With What You Want and Need
  • Home Office featuring Metal Decorative Wall Decor by ABIYA Mashrabiya

    Product Name: Champagne Elegance, Color: Pearl Beige


    May it be as simple as a cap or as large as home decors, you should be mindful of what you specifically need. Measurement is the common cause of having troubles with customized products. Looking at the specific place where you'll put that commodity, and eventually measuring them would be vital. Being careless with measurements might result in insufficient spaces, making your ordered item useless. Returning them would be burdensome, so that you might take this process seriously, slow, and sure.

  • Verify the Materials Used

  • A quick search online will give you a lot of information regarding the things you don't fully know. Especially when dealing with furniture and decors, durability is a thing that you should consider. Things like the density and thickness of the material should also be identified. All of these factors will add weight to the item.

    Metal Decorative Laser Cut Screen & Panels-Modern Mashrabiya by ABIYA
  • Materials use for ABIYA's Bespoke Decorative Screens are made from high quality materials and are manufactured in the UAE. Product Name: Champagne Elegance, Color: Pearl Gold
  • Check Out

  • After setting all your preferences on the product, now is the time actually to order the item. You should try to find a payment option through online credit cards or any online payment platform for your convenience. You wouldn't want to go to a bank to send your payment personally. 

    A lot of company offers product customization. As years pass by, this trend lures several companies and industries. It is indeed a significant leap in humanity's search for total convenience. Your home's interior design is not exempted. Abiya is a leading company in providing custom-made decors, dividers, etc. Be sure to browse through our website  and online store and not miss a thing.


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