Size Matters: How to Choose the Best Size for My Wall Decor?

Does Size Matter?

Yes! Often, we tend not to take note of the right size when buying. Do not immediately buy decor without first imagining what it would look like if it is already on your wall.

However, the problem is, it is hard to visualize what the wall decor will look like in your residence or commercial space while you are hooked up at the store, choosing the design that attracts you most. The wall decor you thought was fit hanging on the displays is actually twice bigger or smaller, which is why there is a need to measure the floor space and the ceiling before purchasing the items to know the wall decor that is best for your area.


Wall Art / Wall Decor-Laser Cut Metal Decorative Panel by Abiya Mashrabiya


When it comes to size,  you need first to consider how tall you want the wall decor. Your choice depends on whether you have a low or high ceiling. ABIYA wall decors range from 10-300 cm in height and width, or it depends upon your request. It is also necessary to consider how vast space you want to use the wall decor. Take time to measure the wall's overall dimension because this will tell you how wide and tall it is needed to fit the space. 

Laser Cut Metal Decorative Screen by Abiya Mashrabiya


Aim to fill about ⅔ or ¾  of the space available in your wall. Available space refers to the area you want to fill that is not covered by the molding, furniture, and other kinds of stuff. The wall decor should hang at eye level, 57-60 inches from the floor. If you plan to hang it above a furniture, dresser, or headboard, the decor's bottom should be 6-12 inches away. Regarding the width, choose a wall decor that is ⅔ - ¾  of the furniture. When you don’t have any other choice, it is better to buy oversized wall decor than too small. Hanging too small decor on your wall will make it look bare, whereas large wall decor fills a visual field. If you don’t like it oversized, try hanging multiple small decors together or wall decor sets. Its effect will be like a grid or gallery wall. 


"There are three responses to a piece of design - yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for." 


Think also about the orientation: landscape or portrait. Portrait or vertical decor looks good with a tall or narrow wall, while wide horizontal spaces work best with landscape-oriented wall decors. Keep in mind the importance of free space. Overcrowding your wall will make the area look suffocated. Leave the right amount of space. This extra space will make your place look larger and breathable.


Living Room Wall Decor - Laser Cut Metal Decorative Panel by Abiya Mashrabiya


ABIYA recommends choosing a wall decor that matches your room’s theme and style as well as the purpose you intended to use for it. You may undoubtedly know your style, and you may have estimated your budget but don’t forget to take shape and sizes into account. Whatever size and style you choose, always ensure that the wall decors create pleasantly decorated spaces and preferably match your furniture and walls' shade. Your personal preference and the overall style of the area will also determine your choice. 


Living room featuring a yellow sofa and hanging pendent light

Photo credits by Canva.


If you find yourself staring at a bare wall and unsure where to begin, ABIYA is here to help you turn your dull space into a whole new level of embellished interior and transform your bland walls. Please feel free to contact us. Our friendly staffs will be glad  assist you.

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