Own Your Space: Choose ABIYA's Customized Room Dividers

The right room divider can make a world of difference when designing your home.

Open spaces are common in most houses because they facilitate better lighting. But, these spaces create problems if you want your own little space. If you are looking to break a large area into chunks, a room divider is the best way to do it. Room dividers efficiently provide the bit of privacy you are looking for without fully closing off the area. One of the perks they offer is that usually, room dividers let light pass through them. This means you won't have to spend your moment of privacy in a dark and gloomy space. Indeed, the right room divider can make a world of difference when designing your home.

Types of room dividers

The kind of divider you choose depends on your style and purpose for using it — whether to split spaces or be decorative. Here are the different types of room dividers to help you choose the perfect one for your home:

  • Folding Dividers


Type of Room Divider a Folding Wall Partition

Photo credits from Canva.

These are the type of dividers that are portable and foldable. They resemble an accordion. Because of the way they are built, folding partitions offer portability. They can be moved whenever and wherever you want. If you are unsure about how you want to divide the space, you can use them. This kind of divider is available in different materials like wood, plastic, or cardboard.

    • Curtain Dividers
  • Types of Room Divider, use a Wall Curtain to create a Wall Partition

    Photo credits from Canva.

    Compared to other types, they are often deemed as the most affordable. A curtain divider, from the name itself, is a piece of curtain hanging on the ceiling. They are easy to install because the rails require minimal effort. Since curtains are usually thin, they don't take up much space, which means more room for you and your family

    • Glass Dividers
  • This type of divider offers more natural lighting and ventilation since light can easily penetrate the glass panels. They are commonly used in commercial settings, so if you have an office space at home, you might as well consider using this type. From a minimalistic perspective, they feature a modern and sophisticated look, which creates the illusion of more space.

    • Permanent dividers
    ABIYA Customized Decorative Metal Laser Cut Panels used as a room divider

    ABIYA Customized Decorative Metal Laser Cut Panels used as a room divider.

    If you are sure about how you want to divide the open space in your home, it would be best to use permanent dividers. This is the kind of divider that is fixed to the wall, ceiling, or floor, depending on your preference. Permanent dividers are usually made of concrete materials, so deciding to change them can be costly. It's also worth noting that permanent dividers are sturdy and known to remain in good condition in the long run.


    Design your Room Divider Online!

    Choosing the perfect room divider can be a challenging task, so why not design your own? At ABIYA, you can create your customized room divider online. You get to decide its height, width, density, frame, pattern design, and pattern color. All of these customization options for an affordable price! Start designing them here: https://abiya-store.com/pages/customize-room-divider

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