How to Decorate Your Garden the Arabic Way

Decorating your garden is an exciting activity 

Decorating your garden is an exciting activity because it showcases your creativity, skills, and effort to create something extraordinary and beautiful. Garden decor creates aesthetically-designed surroundings, gets you connected with Nature, and develops a more profound sense of well-being. A garden appropriately decorated highlights the statement of your personality, taste, and the value of your spent time in the area. Home decorating and garden landscaping are now innovated by the new designing trends- from minimalistic to modern and contemporary. However, you may be interested in decorating your garden in the Arabic way and how customized wall screens can be an amazing part of it.


If you choose to have an Arabic-inspired garden, then you should also be aware of the significant decorative elements you will need.

A Quick Glimpse on Arabic Gardens

Arabic Buildings with Palm Tree - How to decorate your Garden the Arabic Way

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An Arab garden is generally described as an area that has themes of shade and water. This type of landscaping design goes back to the middle of the 18th century. Inspired by a small oasis in the country's deserts, a pond typically serves as the garden's centerpiece. Arab gardens are also designed around arches, various kinds of stones, flowers, plants, and tiles. You can also observe decoration patterns that are intricately added to create beautiful touches to the charming garden.

If you're aiming to create a garden that will evoke beauty, tranquility, and peace, then decorating your garden the Arabic way will be the best to consider. You'll have gorgeous landscape designs with tall trees, bushes, beautiful flowers, and a variety of plants.

To be able to decorate your garden the Arabic way, make sure to consider the following elements and tips:


#1 Include Arabic-designed arches

Arabic-designed arches with Mashrabiya Shading Screen in an Outdoor / Garden Space in the UAE

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Arches in Arabic gardens are inspired by Muslim architecture. They come with semi-circular to circular-shaped designs with horseshoe decorations. This is mostly one of the primary characteristics of an Arabic garden that sets it apart from other landscaping masterpieces.

As a distinguishable mark of an Arabic-theme garden, arches can be constructed from stonework, iron, wood, and other materials.


#2 Don’t forget the sand and water

Water Fountain as a Water feature in an Arabic Garden

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Sands in the desert and water oasis are the inspirations behind magnificent Arab gardens. You, too, can achieve it in your own garden. You have to install a water feature as a centerpiece of the garden. It can be a reflection pond, a fountain, or a pool. You can be more creative by making these water features geometrically-shaped. As for the colors, use jade or turquoise colored tiles.

Of course, do not forget to add sand to the garden. They can be put in some areas of the garden to create a desert-like vibe.


#3 Pick the most ideal plants

The perfect plants for an Arabic-inspired garden are those that do not require lots of water. Some examples of plants that you can include in your garden are palms, scented hedges, yuccas, myrtle, agave, desert rose, and citrus trees. You can also add some herbs like rosemary, ginger, thyme, and fig. They will not only give you eye-catching ornaments but a calming scent as well.


#4 Add customized wall decor in your garden

Your garden may already look stunning, but you can still add some highlights into its beauty, creativity, and sophistication. Use bespoke decorative screens to add intricately-made decorative materials in your garden. ABIYA’s decorative wall decor and screens can be put in your garden walls or in the poolside. With Abiya, you can customize your own design of decorative wall screens. Head up here to find out how.


#5 Display Arabic Sculptures

You would surely want to show off the rich culture Arabs had for years. To make it possible, Arabic sculptures such as that of ABIYA’s could help you achieve the look and and treasure of the amazing heritage. 


#6 Don’t ignore the scents

Some of the pleasures of gardening are the scented flowers. So never ever forget that from your list. The Jasmine tobacco, Plumeria, and Honeysuckle are some of the example blooms you could have on your garden. Entice the bees, and of course, your visitors with lovely and fragrant flowers. Also, there are vapors and fume which can also add to the wonderful scent and atmosphere of your garden. 


Final Thoughts

Don't be afraid to discover and apply modern solutions when necessary. It's great to incorporate both classic and contemporary design for your garden in the Arabic way. ABIYA’s high-end decorative metal screen will be a perfect inclusion in your garden and home spaces.


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